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a few months ago, I picked at some pimples on my cheek and they got infected and inflamed. Since then, I wento the derm and got medication for it, and for a few weeks my skin was back to normal and clear, but now I've been breaking out like crazy. I also started a new cleanser she gave me, and on my cheek I have tons of tiny red pimples that won't come to a head. I'm thinking of just stopping using the cleanser, but I'm afraid it might make it worse. And I really don't want to go back to the dermatalogist, its expensive. I don't wanna cause my parents any more grief over my skin. advice please?
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    The tiny red bumps on your cheeks could be acne, a rash (from the cleanser or something else) or maybe even rosacea -- but not necessarily any of those things. I know this is not what you want to hear (sorry!), but there's no way a forum member could determine the problem over the Internet, even if she were a dermatologist. I say go back to the doc.

    I do know that sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate are both very harsh. I would switch if the cleanser has either of those ingredients. But I'm not saying the cleanser is the definite cause of the bumps!

    It could be something else causing the problem, maybe your makeup. Again, I suggest going back to the doctor.

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    I wouldn't stop using the cleanser, if your using it the way/how many times/how much the dermatologist told you to use it. It takes a while for acne medication to work (up to 6 weeks!) so be a little patient and in no time you'll have clear skin! *yay!!*

    Good luck!
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