Potty regression?

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While we were on vacation, Danae developed a really bad bladder infection that was compounded by the fact that she was put on the wrong antibiotic for a couple days. Ever since then, she's been having more accidents. I think she's afraid to pee because she was in so much pain while she was sick. Prior to this, she was pretty much accident-free for several months. Does anyone have any tips to help her get over her potty phobia? I know I can just make her go every hour or something, but I want to get her back on track with "listening to her body" so that she'll initiate going again like she was doing.
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    We've visited the in-laws twice since Connor was potty trained during the summer, and both times he's regressed. Something about their house makes him forget or lose interest or something. I got him back on track with little treats (e.g. M&M's) and lots of praise when he went successfully. We also watched his Elmo potty video a few times. Hopefully that will be all it takes for Danae too!

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