7th day of CG, and my hair is doing something weird

I started co-washing around the 4th or the 5th, and it's my 7th day. The thing is, around two or three days ago, I noticed this weird feel to my hair. I had been experimenting with HETT mousse and gel, so I just wrote it off as being producty. Then I noticed the feeling was still there when I didn't use product or any leave in. I thought that maybe it was just the beginning of the transition period, or that I needed to low-poo the way a lot of wavies do (I'm 2b or c), so I just picked up and used some GTTTT shampoo and conditioner... and it still feels funny!

My hair feels kind of slippery and dusty, all at once. I can't tell if there's actually some kind of build up on it, or if I'm just overreacting and this is actually the way nondamaged hair should feel! Maybe I'm just transitioning? Or maybe it's overconditioning. The thing is, for most of my life, all I've done with my hair is used various SLS shampoos on it and ignored it otherwise, so I don't know how to tell what my hair is up to, or what it might need. What do you guys think?
2b/c, low porosity

Low-Poo: Diluted L'oreal Eversleek shampoo
Co-wash: Currently Trader Joe's Nourish Spa (old formula)
Rinse-out: None! I just do gobs of leave in.
Leave-in: KMF Big Hair (HG! aaaand a discontinued formula. If anyone else knows a proteiny aloe and BMTS based conditioner I can try to replace this with after my stash runs out, let me know!)
Styling: FOTE AVG (HG!), Lush's The Big Tease gel (RIP...)


  • coscasscoscass Registered Users Posts: 90
    It might just be your hair getting used to what's going on. I've experienced this 'slippery' and 'dusty' feeling to my hair, too, in the past. It's pretty annoying. I don't know your hair or routine, though, so I can't really say what it is.

    Just keep at what you're doing, if it doesn't go away in the next few days, you could assume it's some sort of buildup.

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