Pixie had her baby yesterday!

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She sent me a text with a pic. She will probably go home tonight.

Mazel tov! I can't wait to hear your birth story!



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    Aww, congratulations! Can't wait to hear how it went!

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    Congrats! She looks very happy. :)
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    Congrats, Pixie! I hope you're relaxing and enjoying your new little boy.
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    Congratulations Pixie!!
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    Dang PCs hair grew fast...:toothy8:
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    oh yay for Pixie!

    An early Chanukah gift :)
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    Congratulations to Pixie!! The baby did come early, like she was thinking. I look forward to hearing his name, weight, etc., and seeing more pictures.
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    goldy wrote: »

    An early Chanukah gift :)

    That's what I was thinking!
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    Congrats!!!! Can't wait to see pics and read the birth story:blob8::toothy8:

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    :D Can't wait to hear more!
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    Okay, she looks way too relaxed and beautiful to have just had a baby. icon7.gif

    Great news! Congrats!!

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    I guess she was right about this one coming early! Congrats, PC! I can't wait to hear more about the baby and the birth. :) Hope you guys are doing awesome.
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    yeah F!!!!!

    Congrats My Dear

    Hope Things Went Great!!! Can't Wait For The Name And All The Details

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    Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more!
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    Congrats, PC! I hope you and your little man are doing well!
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    Congrats Pixie!
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    Thanks everyone! I sent medussa a text with the details too but I think it didn't get to her properly... sorry to keep you all waiting!

    Abram Henry
    born 12/10/09 at 7:55 PM (mama at 37weeks 1 day)
    6lb 14oz, 19 inches

    I'll post my birth story within a few days, but everything went really well, almost just how I wanted it. Breastfeeding is going great and we're all doing well!
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    PixieCurl wrote: »
    6lb 14oz, 19 inches

    Wow, that's a good size for 37 weeks. Madeline was exactly the same at 41w4d.

    Welcome Abram Henry!
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    Mazel tov!

    Welcome, Abram :occasion4:
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    Congratulations. Can't wait to hear the fulls story and see pictures.
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    Congratulations Pixie! You look great and so happy. Wishing you and your family many blessings.
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    Congratulations, that's one very content looking mum and baby. Glad all is well.
    3b in South Australia.
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    OK my husband took Solomon to the pool at the YMCA and Abram is sleeping in my wrap, so I've got a few minutes to write out my birth story. Here it is...

    I'd been having contractions on and off for several days, which I just assumed were Braxton-Hicks. They usually happened while I was nursing Solomon, and they usually went away if I would change positions or get up and walk around. I lost some mucus plug on Sunday night/Monday morning and had some bloody show on Monday morning, but I didn't think much of it because I know that doesn't necessarily mean labor is imminent. I figured I still had a week or so to go. Then Wednesday, I still had contractions on and off all day but I assumed they were B-H. When my husband got home from work Wednesday night and noticed me stopping talking to breathe through the contractions, I assured him they were B-H until he pointed out to me that they were coming at regular intervals. By the time I got Solly to bed and realized they were coming every 7-10 minutes, I admitted that maybe I was in labor after all. From midnight on, they started coming every 5-6 minutes. This whole time, the contractions were painful but quite tolerable if I did my yoga breathing and had my husband rub my lower back. I had also noticed that I started leaking fluid sometime late on Wednesday. I was hesitant to even tell anyone, because that is what caused the "cascade of interventions" (pitocin, epidural) when I had Solomon.

    By 6:00 AM on Thursday, we were all up and my contractions were still 5-6 minutes apart. I was supposed to go see my midwife for my 37 week appointment at 11:00 AM, but I figured I'd better call and ask her what I should do. She said to come into the office right when they opened at 9:00 AM. So we went there, and she put me on the monitor which showed contractions were coming every 4-5 minutes, but some of the in-between ones were very mild so I wasn't even feeling them. I also told her I was feeling some pelvic/rectal pressure and she said the baby's head was pretty low already. I'm informed by the nurse that there was a problem with my GBS test the week before - the courier didn't pick it up at the right time and so they never got my results. Now, since I was in labor, my midwife wanted to get a rush test done because she said that a baby born at 37 weeks would be more susceptible to problems with a GBS+ mother. I also confessed to her about the leaking fluid, which she tested and it was definitely amniotic fluid. She had me go right to the hospital/birth center from her office to get a rush GBS test done. She also said that with the leaking fluid, she was definitely not going to push me to induce but she really recommended antibiotics - again, especially because it was only 37 weeks.

    So we take Solomon to the sitter and head up to the birth center, arriving around 11:30 or so. They immediately did my GBS swab, and started me on abx just in case I was positive and also because of the leaking fluid. After that they removed the IV and I was free to walk around and do whatever. My doula and husband and I just hung out, tried to get things moving. My contractions had slowed down adn picked up a few times throughout the day, and they were still tolerable so I knew I wasn't progressing too fast. I was still feeling a lot of pelvic/rectal pressure though, and sometimes even feeling like I should push with the contractions. When my midwife arrived at 3:00 or so, I told her all of this and she suggested/offered to check my cervix. I wasn't sure if I wanted that or not, but did agree just so we could see what was going on. She said I was 80% effaced but only 3 cm. She also said that the baby's head was RIGHT THERE, but being blocked by the amniotic sac. She said that since my water was already leaking anyway, she could break it the rest of the way which would allow the baby's head to descend and get me dilating more. I wasn't sure what to say, but it made a lot of sense and I remembered reading in Ina May's Guide to Childbirth that in the birth story section, it seemed like she was breaking everyone's water for them. So I looked at my husband and said "Ina May does it all the time" which made the nurse laugh. So I did agree to it.

    My GBS had come back negative, but because of the broken/leaking water they wanted to one more dose of abx, so they did, which was around 4:00. After that, I was going to get up and walk around to get things moving but I was already noticing the contractions get stronger and closer together, so we went straight to the tub, which was where I planned to do most of the hard part of labor. My contractions got MUCH more intense and started coming MUCH closer together right away. The midwife and nurses were very hands-off, and just let me labor in the tub with my husband and doula there. It was getting really hard, but during every contraction I reminded myself that I would get a break (although those breaks got shorter and shorter soon enough) and reminding myself that this is what I wanted. Plus, I think even if I wanted drugs at that point, things were progressing so quickly that there wouldn't have been time.

    Soon I needed to use the toilet, so I got out of the tub and did that, and by now I was in agony and the contractions were so close together, and I was feeling the urge to push. DH and doula tried to get me back across the hall to my room, but I had to stop every few feet with a contraction. Once we made it to the doorway of my room, I dropped to hands and knees right on the floor and refused to move - I was even pushing a bit. Everyone tried to get me to move to the bed but I kept yelling at them that I couldn't, I think I dropped a few obscenities on my husband too (oops). Eventually my husband just said "enough already" and scooped me up and carried me to the bed - which left my midwife and the nurses with their jaws dropped.

    So now I was on hands and knees at the edge of the bed. I had on a bathing suit top and a towel draped over my lower half. Husband, midwife, nurse, doula were all just sitting around the room quietly observing me work through the contractions. I found out later that none of them knew I was pushing all this time! I wasn't pushing with every contraction, only when I felt like I couldn't NOT push. But I kept wondering why no one was watching, letting me know if/when he was crowning (because I could feel it). Then finally, when I really felt him coming out, I let out a "primal scream" as DH put it and said "He's coming!" at which point the nurse and midwife jumped up and said "Whoa! You're having a baby!" I was thinking WTF do you think I'm here for? So the midwife helped deliver him - he came out slow, she almost had to help pull him out, unlike Solomon who had come shooting out when I delivered him. I immediately rolled over onto my back, and they placed him right on my chest (DH had taken my top off at some point because he knew it would annoy me - yes I pushed out both of my babies stark naked LOL). They waited to clamp the cord until it stopped pulsing, and Abram started nursing within a half hour. I got to hold him for a loooong time before they did any testing or anything.

    DH stayed for a little while after the birth, then went to pick up Solomon. My mom came and spent the night with me, and stayed with me Friday until we were released to go home. Solomon has been really good with him so far. We were worried there would be a lot of jealousy/resentment, but so far it just seems like indifference. He does want to nurse every time Abram nurses, which I expected, and usually I let him. Tandem nursing is funny! If there is a time we just want me to nurse Abram, I go into another room. I've also been making an effort to nurse Solomon by himself sometimes, while Abram is sleeping.

    I'll try to post better pictures of the baby later, but here are a couple my doula sent me...

    Laboring in the tub:


    One of the few right after birth that doesn't show my nipples:

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    What a great story!!!

    Come swag with me!
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    lol @ what do you think I'm here for?! :mrgreen:
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    God you are so brave woman!!!!! :notworthy::notworthy:
    Where did the name Abram come from?

    and on a non-related birth question.. I know your in No. NY Did snow play a factor of you getting to the birthing center...
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