fall/winter 2006/2007 routines???

lalapixielalapixie Posts: 242Registered Users
this summer i've been doing lots of updos and i'm so glad my hair is now long enough to put in a ponytail puff, i finally figured out the secret to having a big one is get a thick medium sized snag free elastic and dont wrap it just stick it on and fluff out, i kept trying to wrap it a few times and wondered why my ponytail puff was so small for so much hair haha, but it holds without the tension and i just put in a side part and slick the edges

but for the cold months i wanna get a hooded dryer and experiment with rollersets and setting twistouts cause i dont wanna have to sleep with or go out with wet hair

i also wanna rock a hat when it gets really cold so i'm trying to come up with styles that are flat on top and will hold shape so i'm thinking variations on low ponytail puffs and french braids

i'm not one to have a style in my hair longer than 3-4 days cause i wash 2x a week so these seem like good options to me

so what do you guys plan on doing???
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    i definitely think i need to implement more moisture into my routine...esp. for the colder times. i have a hard time keeping my hair moisturized

    i dont know exactly how my routine will go
    but i'll figure it out.


    i think i'll...

    moisturize daily
    wash/deep condition weekly
    getting back into a healthier groove [not only for my hair...but for everything]

    i like simple, i guess.

    maybe i'll twist my hair every other week? i dunno...i can never keep twists in long enough lol. i plan to leave them in a certain amt of time and it always ends up being shorter.
  • mariposamariposa Posts: 177Registered Users
    i've been thinking about this a lot (note my thread on using heat) - especially as these days i wet my hair nearly every day and it takes forever to dry

    definitely plan to use a dryer

    and possibly twists or something

    when it's really cold i plan to put my hair in braids..... with or without extensions
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    For the colder months, my routine will include:

    -daily hydration, through a leave in creme/activator gel/spray

    -weekly DTs, and biweekly protein treatments

    -a deeeep trim, maybe about 40% of the current length

    -sets; like you, lalapixie, I will be aiming to wrap them around my wash cycle so the styles will have to hold a few days

    -at least a month of braids, to give my hair a 'break' from all the pulling of detangling and styling

    -a strict limit on ponytails, I have to break the monotony

    -lots of experimentation with braided styles using my own hair. I'll be getting a curly styling head to try them out on :D

    -taking care of my scalp, as it is not very dry or oily, I tend to ignore it, but I'd like to start using oils and massaging it a couple times a week.

    -improving my nutrition to allow my hair to benefit from overall health

    That should be enough to keep me busy! :)
  • Dijah_xoxoDijah_xoxo Posts: 131Registered Users
    I'm going to be in braids/kinky twist for the fall/winter.... just so I won't have to manipulate my hair as much. Plus it will help out with tthe new growth. Im trying to get a puff by february sooo.....

    *Wash right before braids go in with CON
    *Condition with ??? I don't have any good conditioners.... probabaly Totally Twisted from herbal essense?
    *And I also need a good leave in because cantu isn't working all that anymore... I need something wayy better than that... haven't decided yet though.
    *Grease my scalp with Hemp and slead with silk cap. It's going to be all about simplicity for me. Then in the spring i can rock my twist and twist-out with my real hair (it should be long enough by then) :D
  • mariposamariposa Posts: 177Registered Users
    does anyone here do daily washes/rinses in the winter too?
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    Lifelong natural i.e. never relaxed

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  • beautifulrealitybeautifulreality Posts: 5Registered Users
    I plan on doing twist outs. Right now I co wash every morning, and I know that I won't be doing that once it gets cooler. I'm wearing a twist out now and I really like it. Plus it will last me around a week and still look good! :D
  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    - First, get a good trim to clear my raggedy ends (it's been 4 months)
    - Experiment more with adding new oils (avocado, shea) to condishes and possibly stylers
    - More time between co-washes + continue to style with [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/CURLS-Curls-Milkshake-p-884.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=Curls-Curls-Milkshake]Milkshake[/buylink]+gel on shower-steamed, slightly damp hair
    - Learn how to do decent twists
    - Possibly invest in a dryer with a really good motor + diffuser
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