Great stylist in Atlanta

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Her name is April and she works in a salon in the West End.

My hair was in REALLY bad shape - it was breaking off badly and therefore wouldn't hold its curl :(

She took one look at my hair and knew what needed to be done. She told me that my hair needed a serious trim and some rest. She gave me a deep treatment (used one of the J/A/S/O/N conditioners) under the dryer, trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off and put me in some 2-strand twists. I've never had twists before so I was very skeptical, but they turned out so cute! She curled the ends and they just look adorable! Plus, the thought of not having to do anything to my hair for 4-6 weeks is delightful!

April also makes her own hair oils and mixed me up a batch to use each day to get my hair back in shape. She has beautiful locs and showed me pictures of when her hair was worn sporting her natural curls. I think we may even be hair twins!

She condemned chemicals (I'm growing out a texturizer) and swears that there are natural ways (through technique and natural products) to achieve the look I want while working with my texture instead of against it.

She says that I need about another inch cut to get rid of the damage - I wasn't quite ready to part with anymore length just yet, so I'll be back in 4 weeks!

It really was the best salon experience I've ever had! Just wanted to share! If any of you curlies are in the Atlanta area and are looking for a stylist PM me and I will give you her contact info!
Very fine 3c with a little 4a sprinkled in at the crown to make things interesting!


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    Hey pixel,

    I sent you a PM.
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    A former NYC girl with no OUIDAD in Atlanta. Sigh.
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    "Very fine 3c with a little 4a sprinkled in at the crown to make things interesting!"...OMG thats me all day!

    although i keep mines wraped in a bun. but i was thinking of locing or getting it twisted. but i dont want to just go to anybody and dont get my $$$ worth. where is she?