How fast were you up and about?

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I'm thinking of switching my kids to a different daycare. One that I am considering would be a small in-home daycare center. My kids would start w/in the next two weeks.

The problem is, the daycare provider is pregnant and due Jan. 22. She is 28. She has two older children but they have a different father than the one she is pregnant with now (if that makes a difference). Her older children are girls and are 6 and 8. She's pregnant now with a boy.

She said both of her previous deliveries were a month late (delivered at 44 weeks both times) and while induced, were very easy and fast, med-free. She said she was out of the hospital in 24 hrs w/ birth and back to 100% and working full time w/in a week.

She says she has no reason to think this delivery will be any different.

She and her husband run the daycare. He does about 30% of the day to day work. But he will do most/all of it that week when she is recovering.

How quickly would you say all of you were back to normal and ready to "work"...whatever your normal work consists of?

My experiences were NOT at all like what she has described, so I just want to hear what some of you have gone through.

I know this is not an ideal situation but I am thinking long term. I really like her and want to try to work around this temporary obstacle.


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    I think the spectrum of "norm" can vary a lot. I saw a lot of women recovering at different paces while working in post-partum.
    That being said I was on the opposite spectrum of "norm" from the daycare lady. I was still not fully physically healed at my 8 week appt -- which was scheduled since I was not healed enough for my pap at my 6 week appt. However, I had a long labor (46 hrs), and a very long pushing stage (close to 12 hrs) -- had I been with a doctor and not a birthing center with midwives I probably would have delivered by c-section much earlier during labor. As far as being up and about working, I wouldn't have been ready for it before 10 weeks I would guess.
    Poodlehead wrote:
    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    With my 3 c-sections, I needed the full 8 weeks to recover. Even at 3 or 4 weeks post-op, I was still walking slow and in pain. I went back to work (part-time) at 5 weeks after my 3rd c-sec, and I was quite miserable.

    With my VBAC homebirthed baby, though, it took me about 3 minutes to recover...just enough time to catch my breath. Really. I felt fabulous. I wasn't even sore. I drove my son to school the next day and brought the baby with me and wore him in a sling and showed him off to all the teachers and students who were amazed since they had seen me pregnant the day before. I could have gone back to work within a week if I had to (although I wouldn't want to).

    If this woman has her babies at 44 weeks, it sounds like she is a natural birther, possibly a homebirther *(because doctors rarely "allow" women to be pregnant for so long), and, barring the rare risk of a complication, she likely will be ready to go back to work at 1 week post-partum if she feels driven to.
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    Like RCW, I felt better than I had felt in months within a couple minutes of her being out. I was amazed at how much better I felt actually, and was up showering in about half an hour. Everyone that came to see me in the hospital said I didn't look like I had just had a baby. She was born at 3:51 last Thursday morning (natural, vaginal birth) and I was discharged Friday morning. I was sore a couple days because of my stitches, but I was mostly okay.

    As far as working and such, I went by work on Tuesday and did some work from home that day and the next. Yesterday I cleaned my entire house - vacuuming, sweeping, scrubbing, mopping, cleaning the bathroom. I felt fine doing it. I feel good as new and not even sore now. So for me, I could be back at work full-time now, at one week PP. I'm taking off 6 weeks though, but I'll be doing a bit of work from home between now and then.
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    Natural childbirth with no real problems - I was up and about right away. I was just a little sore due to a lot of stitches - I ripped pretty bad but I still was able to move normally and felt pretty ok. I was back to normal in less than a week and able to everything.
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    I really think it varies. I had a natural birth and an average length delivery, and I could hardly make it around Walmart a week postpartum. I had to stop at every bench. I was still taking Advil for pain at my two-week appointment.

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