Andre Talks Hair book - PLEASE HELP!

christy3373christy3373 Posts: 2Registered Users
I am desperately seeking a curly-girl's help!
Does anybody have the Andre Talks Hair book, and a scanner?
I have had no luck finding the book, and there is a photo of a model in the book that has the EXACT haircut I am desperately trying to get.

Would somebody be able to scan that photo and e-mail it to me? I'll send you yummy homemade treats....anything!
My e-mail is

The photo is in the book, it's a black-and-white photo, a side shot of a woman named "Bethany," and she is wrapped in a white blanket, looking to the side and down, smiling. The caption describes her short hair as "loosely curled." It's a shorter cut.
Any help, thank you in advance!!!