Essential oils

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What are some delicious smelling essential oils and where can I purchase them?


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    I like Egyptian musk. I've been wearing it, almost exclusively, for almost 22 years. Where you would buy it depends on wear you live. In NYC, you can purchase it from the Muslim guys on the street (which is what I used to do when I lived there); their stuff is the best quality. Now I live in the midwest and I buy it from hippie dippie and new agey type stores or granola-ish type cosmetics places...the guy w/ the oil shop at the mall...or even the Korean-own BSS, tho their stuff is not very good quality and the fragrance is usually slightly off. You can also buy it on ebay but I once got a really rancid, disgusting smelling bottle on ebay. If it is ridiculously cheap on ebay, don't buy it; it is probably expired.

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    Depends what you're after. You can buy EOs in health food stores or sometimes chemists, a cool thing to do is buy a few of your favorite scents and mix your own. HTH.
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