Before and After Twists Extensions

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I am going to get my hair done in twists extensions this Friday. I have done extensions many times before especially during my transition without any hairline damage or breakage (in other words I respect those who are against extensions but please don't try and talk me out of it. thank you) I wanted to know how I should cleanse my hair before I put the extensions in? When i was younger I heard conditioning your hair too much befor extensions was bad for you. I have been co washing my hair all summer long and recently when i stopped i obtained some dry scalp. I also wanted to know what ppl do to their hair after they take off the extensions?


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    you should do some sort of deep treatment, maybe honey or olive oil...

    Good luck!
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    I never heard that conditioning your hair a lot before you put in extensions could be a bad thing. In fact, I've heard exactly the opposite.

    Considering there will be added weight on your hair, plus its being less acessible when braided/twisted, to me it makes sense to thoroughly clarify and deep condition (protein, as long as your hair tolerates it, followed by a moisture DT) pre-extensions.

    if you are not using human hair (it will absorb the conditioner and swell out of the style) you can do regular moisture DTs while your hair is twisted also.

    Perhaps the idea that you should avoid/reduce conditioning hair before getting it braided/twisted is more targeted to very slippery hair textures, especially if they are prone to overconditioning. I could see how that would make the twists less likely to stay in place.

    To remove braids, I usually saturate the hair with conditioner or braid spray, let it sink in for a few minutes, then remove them slowly and carefully, one by one.

    Detangling thoroughly after removing the braids and before cleansing is a very good idea, because the hair is especially prone to matting at this point. A DT afterwards would also be beneficial.

    Two products I have heard that are really good for the braid removal process are Take Down and Taliah Waajid Protective Mist Bodifier. Take Down was formulated for people who want to loosen their hair from locs, so it should be very effective in loosening braids, though I have yet to try it. However, it does contain mineral oil, so it should be shampooed out. The Mist Bodifier seems to be CG safe.
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    I agree with jeamaria's advice. I have been braiding my hair for 5 years, and I can tell you that braided hair does need extra moisture both before and after the braids/extensions.

    I've been using African Royale BRX Braid and Extension Spray. It is very moisturizing and does not contain any oils or alcohol.

    Also, make sure that your extensions are not too tight at the scalp or too heavy - this will pull out your hair!

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