Before and After Twists Extensions

NORE1228NORE1228 Posts: 42Registered Users
I am going to get my hair done in twists extensions this Friday. I have done extensions many times before especially during my transition without any hairline damage or breakage (in other words I respect those who are against extensions but please don't try and talk me out of it. thank you) I wanted to know how I should cleanse my hair before I put the extensions in? When i was younger I heard conditioning your hair too much befor extensions was bad for you. I have been co washing my hair all summer long and recently when i stopped i obtained some dry scalp. I also wanted to know what ppl do to their hair after they take off the extensions?


  • soon2bsoon2b Posts: 220Registered Users
    When I went to the salon and got my hair braided it was DT before and after braids.

    Hair Type: small 3c patch in the center, mostly 4a with a patch of 4b at my temples
    Shampoo: Suave daily clarifying ( when I feel that need)
    Conditioners: AOHSR, MM, olive oil
    Styler/Leave-in: SheaMoisture, Fantasia IC, HNS

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