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Posted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:23 pm Post subject: Got some really bad news......THIS IS LONG

I believe this is the finally straw for me and my husband.. I need alot of strenght girls, we have been togther for 25 years and married for 19 Im doing rEALLY really really bad. i Tooks MY DAUGHTER AND LEFT MY SONs WITH HIM. We have been having serious problems for the last 3 years (THE SERIOS PROBLEM WAS SOMEONE ELSE) and everything seemed to be okay. so saturday we went to a wedding of a friend of his who a really didn't know, but I went anyway but I have to say I think I looked pretty good I had a a black halter top on with an appliquie in the middle and black wide leg trousers the outfit was classy looking, anyway me a dh where danacing an yes I did have a few drinks so I felt good nothing crazy. the next think he leave me on the dance floor by myself so I continued at dance then the you ng black boy over and starts to dance with me so I turn around to get his girls friends attention to please come and dance with us too. So I kept my distance as we danced the next thing u know dh comes over and statrts yelling at the kid and at meets go home. So now we are going home so my friend gave me the keys and not onece did dh tried to stop me he just told his friend "just let her go" I left the wedding with 2.00 in my wallet and no license I live in SI and the wedding was in Jersey
city I driove for over 3 1/2 hours before I made it home in one piece. Whe3n I got home he was sleepng and thats when lost I was driving all over jersey city, and because I have a very made temper it has ecaslaetd
do to being married to him and I lost. He called me evrey slut hoe rovokeality dresssed &%$@#! trap pand that I provoked the kid to dance me
meanwhile the was dancing all around. ao at this not I believe my marrieage will be ending Im going tore need alot of friends gus. Threre are alot mor that I can say only if you want to know I see this post is really long He kept saying I humlited and direspected him a oh it was really bad

There are alot of spelling errors SORRY
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