parmesan chicken

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I made THE best chicken I've ever made tonight! I got it from a commercial, mrs. dash, I think.
It tastes just like that chicken at Olive Garden with the marinara and cheese on it!! icon_biggrin.gif (I'm excited, can ya tell!?LOL icon_biggrin.gif)

I used a meat mallet/tenderizer and beat my chicken icon_wink.gif (boneless skinless breasts), then I cut it in strips, shook on some Mrs. Dash (regular), then coated it in a mixture of plain bread crumbs and parmesan cheese. Then I fried it in canola oil for ohh, maybe 7 minutes on each side. It was thin mind you, but I like making sure it's DONE. icon_smile.gif Then, eat it with some lemon juice on top, and it's heavenly. icon_smile.gif hehe My kids loved it. Nobody has ever loved my chicken before. (It's been pretty bad.)lol I just bought my meat mallet today, hoping it would be good for the chicken, and I luv it!
Some people are like slinkies.
They don't really have a purpose,
but they still bring a smile to your face
when you push them down the stairs.

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