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We all have horror stories about stylists who just didn't listen to what we wanted--cut off too much, used thinning shears, etc. What else ticks you off about hairstylists?

One of my pet peeves is when stylists overbook and then rush through a cut and/or style, or have an apprentice do part of the service when you've paid for a more experienced stylist. (Yea, I know they ask, "Is it ok if ________ does this," but if _________ is standing there, it's hard to insult her by saying no.)

I understand that stylists have to make money, but I absolutely detest when a stylist gets in such a hurry that she doesn't seem to give a s*&^ and I'm treated as just a fee and a tip. A stylist should always remember the emotional investment we have in our hair and that we have to live with their rushed cuts and color treatments for weeks or months! (Styling is temporary, but when you have a special event and the style is botched, that's not good, either.)


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    Verity, you summed up my recent hair cut experience exactly. I went in with hair that needed a trim, and I walked out with a mullet (blow dried straight and fluffy, even). It looked like I was planning to audition for a movie set in the late 1970's.

    I had a picture of what I needed. The woman's hair texture was similar to mine. I respectfully said no razors, please. She proceeded to rip my hair using the thinning shears instead. :sad1: She was a bully, and she even had the nerve to suggest I come back in 6 weeks for a trim "to keep the shape." She also suggested I bring in my daughter, and that maybe I'd like my hair colored by her in the future. Good grief. Do a great job on this haircut FIRST, please.

    I was so disappointed and sad, I could not even cry. (Maybe that stage will come later.) I washed it this morning, and thankfully it does not seem to be too damaged, but the shape looks horrible on me. I'll be wearing headbands and hats for a while.

    Wishing all of you better hair days than I am having right now!
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    Well, I haven't had a haircut since I've become CG, so I don't have any "real" experiences, but their was this one time once...

    I was experimenting with my naturally wavy hair and went to the place and asked if instead of blow drying it straight, she leave it curly, and if she could, inhance the curl. "Oh yeah, definitely". I don't think she was listening, she was looking at my hair, and talking in that kind of way when you want someone to shut up, you know, like, "yeah...uh huh...okk". So she washed my hair, grabbed a brush, and proceeded to straighten my hair. Um, listen much? It was annoying to be ignored, but there wasn't too much done.
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    I love the fact that when I was younger, I went in to get my hair cut. I didn't know much about curly hair back then, but I DID know you shouldn't use a razor on it (especially MY hair). The lady behind the chair talked me into it, saying she knew what she was doing, etc. I walked out a giant puff ball. I was so mad.

    Another thing is, I actually went to hair school, and everyone there, even the instructors, seem to think "half an inch" means "two inches" or even more. Gotta say, now I'm AFRAID to get my hair cut.

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