Curly hair as a personality flaw

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After our final class this past Tuesday most of the class met for a drink at a local texmex place. One girl in class who I have always respected as very intelligent and nice was telling a story about an interview she had done that morning. The interview was done as a group and she was telling us about this one girl who was nervous and couldn't say anything intelligent. Her description of this girl was

"this stupid girl with big frizzy hair"

Of course as she way saying it she realized that I was sitting there in all of my frizzy haired glory and she stopped speaking and had the big eyes of a deer in headlights as she stared at me.

I said, "Don't worry, I actually fluffed my hair right before class because I like it big and curly!"

It was quiet for a few seconds and then everything picked back up.

Why would the girl's hair be relevant to the story unless big frizzy hair was part of being stupid? How is big frizzy hair a personality flaw??

Sorry for the rant!! My husband didn't understand what I was annoyed about because he says my hair isn't frizzy. I love him:love5:
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    I know EXACTLY what you're talking about! It's frustrating, I mean, when ever someone says "frizzy" everyone automatically thinks curly! Curly haired girls are not always frizzy and gross or stupid! If they're gonna be talkin so much junk about curly hair somebody should say some things about straight hair, ok I will:

    1. Boring
    2. Lifeless
    3. Flat
    4. Ordinary
    5. No attitude

    K, sorry, but I needed to let that out! Stay strong! The more curly haired girls that bring confidence, the easier it'll be!
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