4 months no-poo and HAPPY

I joined the no-poo movement at the beginning of August and I couldn't be happier. I also got my daughter in on it and the difference in her hair is remarkable! She used to have frizzy,dry-curls with super frizz around her hairline. Now she has soft super-curls all over and the frizzies are only an occasional problem. I think it depends on which co-wash she uses that particular day.
All we have been using is Suave Naturals (I bought one of each- apple, tangerine, coconut, aloe & waterlily, orchid petal, cherry blossom and sea breeze so we could decide which we liked best). I like the way the coconut makes my hair feel the best. She just uses which ever fragrance she fancies at that moment with no notice to which works best to tame her frizzies.
I also bought a gallon jug of almond smelling conditioner from Sally and I like it okay, but it made my daughter's hair look oily.
I color my hair with Loreal Superior Preference every 6 weeks or so and my hair no longer feels like straw afterwards!
The only other thing we use is KY. It is GREAT! Who knew it had uses other than, well, anyway...

I don't think there is much chance we will ever go back to using shampoo.



  • CurlyFemmeCurlyFemme Registered Users Posts: 15
    I love the no-poo method!:love5:I co-wash with either Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose or Naked Naturals Avocado & Shea Butter conditioners. I also do Bentonite Clay treatments once a week and my hair is thriving.
  • nappynaturaldivanappynaturaldiva Registered Users Posts: 3
    What is your hair type?

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