could i make my own styling product using just...

...100% aloe vera gel and shea butter (or cocoa butter)?

i know shea butter can be very rich and greasy, but i received a wee pot today and i've tried some of it on my (dry) hair. it has tamed the frizz, made my hair feel soft and isn't greasy so i'll see how it feels tomorrow.

would aloe vera gel provide enough hold? or would the butter do by itself? is cocoa butter any better?

and will shea butter need washed out of my hair with shampoo?

sorry for all the questions but i'm sure someone here will be able to help!

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    I have used shea butter in my hair on and off for years. I LOVE it! It enhances my curls, and it seems to wash out easily enough with a SLS-free shampoo. Check out and click on "library" there is an article on how to melt and mix shea butter. I have ordered alot of things from them and they are very helpful as well. Good luck! BTW your curls are LOVELY!
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    I think that would make a hair cream/lotion rather than a true gel, you could try adding honey for added hold. I still have a recipe for a cream/lotion which also calls for jojoba and coconut oil and rosemary oil, it has no amounts though, so I never made it. I read somewhere that xanthan gum (which can be obtained at a health food store) can be used as a thickener in home-made cosmetics. To obtain other emulsifiers or thickeners you can go to

    Also, since there's no preservative you should only make a small amount of this at a time and keep it refrigerated until it's all gone.
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