Curl Junkie Leave-ins vs. Curls Milkshake

keepitmovin2.0keepitmovin2.0 Posts: 653Registered Users
I absolutely love this [buylink=]Curls Milkshake[/buylink]. It's the perfect consistency and I don't have as much shrinkage with it. What I'm wondering is if those of you who have tried both the [buylink=]Milkshake[/buylink] any of the CJ leave-ins prefer one over the other?

PS. I haven't tried the CJ leave-ins because they don't offer samples. I've only tried the Banana Hibiscus Deep Fix and I LOVE it.

Currently using:

Poo: CON Sulfate Free poo
Rinse out: Tresemme Naturals
Leave-in: CJAOO Daily Cond
Styler: KCCC sparingly and Ampro Olive Oil Gel where needed
DT: KBB Lucious Locks Mask + EVOO/Avocado


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