Carol's Daughter Pomades - Please Help Me Choose One

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For any of you that have used both of this products which of this are better for laying down hair edges? Also can you explain the scent of both?

I have the Oyin Brown Sugar pomade which I love and may just keep one in my purse for my hands because I love the smell. However, it does not act as a pomade just a softner and I "think" it may leave little white beads in my hair.

Oh, I am looking for shine as well. My Oyin gives great shine. The kizzi doesn't mention shine, but I am wondering if it imparts any sheen.

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    I have the Kizzi and used it and it did nada for me except make my hair greasy and frizzy. I would not recommend it.
    Try Curl Junkies pomade, it is much better. That is to say for me. I have thick wavy curly hair that some areas are fine and some are not and the Kizzi made my hair feel yucky.
    I was disappointed as I have tried her line of products and all of them have a greasy feel with something missing.

    Good Luck in your search
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