Help with my edges!!!

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I just joined and I'm excited! Anyways, I have always been an on and off weave wearer, so my edges are shorter than the rest of my hair from breakage. However, now that I am transitioning and I haven't relaxed my hair since May 09 my edges are growing in nicely, but since they are shorter than the rest of my hair they are increasingly difficult to tame. Nothing I've tried lays them down. Any suggestions? Please help!

Furthermore, when I BC will I have to cut my hair to the length of the edges even though the rest of my hair is way longer just for it to look right? icon_sad.gif


  • TmochavaTmochava Registered Users Posts: 40
    You don't necessarily have to cut your hair down to length of your edges. My edges are shorter than the rest of my hair too and I will not cut it down to that length. Who knows how long it will take for my edges to catch up but they will eventually catch up with the rest of my hair.
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    My edges used to be "untamable" in the past. Then I discovered the joy of gel on wet hair. I use either Ecostyler clear gel or Fantasia IC with the sparklites, slick my edges down, then tie it down with a scarf for 10 to 20 minutes. They lay down for days with that method

    As far as your edges like Tmochava mentioned I'd leave them be, they'll catch up eventually. Just don't weave them up or do anything else to cause undue stress to your edges

    4b natural
  • ktip_naturalchicaktip_naturalchica Registered Users Posts: 72
    I do the same thing that Ekaette does. (+1) I found that this is the best method for me. I have also heard that shea butter can work in the same way but I haven't tried that yet. Put a little leave in condish on under the gel so that your hair doesn't dry out too much.
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    Many of the girls on a sister site ( use shea butter as a pomade and I just bought the clear Ecostyler gel yesterday and will tell you to be careful with what you use underneath it because a white film can develop as it did this morning with my Biotin cream I applied to my temples.

    Less stress on the edges is a must. I don't wear buns unless it's wash day because my left side in thinner than the right.
  • sculptrzsculptrz Registered Users Posts: 54
    Try HairVeda's Almond Glaze. It may be a little greasy, so go easy. It did a good job with my edges especially when wet.
  • virgo76virgo76 Registered Users Posts: 45
    Hairveda's Whipped Gelly works wonders on my edges.
    Transitioned 26 months - BC - 12/5/2010
    Current - SL ; CBL stretched
    Goal - HL curly

    Pre-poo - HV Vatika Frosting
    Wash - HV Amala Cream Rinse or SheScentIt (SSI) Jojoba Hemp Conditioning Shampoo (to clarify)
    Leave-in -
    SSI Coco Creme Leave-In/Green Grape then seal with HV Cocasta Shikakai Oil or Komaza Coconut Curl Spray plus Coconut Curl Hair Lotion
    DC -
    SSI Banana Brulee
    Edges/twist outs - KCCC/Komaza
    Coconut Curly Pudding/Curl Gel-les`c

    Still sampling...just the PJ in me:toothy8:

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