What should I use in the winter in replace of veg. glycerine

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As of right now, I have been using a homemade concoction of Jojo, Sweet Almd oils, distilled wt, and veg. glycerine as a leave in between my CO days which is twice a week. It worked great at first, but the cold is making my hair feel dry and brittle throughout the day. Does anyone have any suggestions on a natural product that won't rob my hair of moisture during the winter? TIA
Hair Type/Goals:
3B/3C More of 3C Combo
Tight, curly, spirals
SL- straight
BSL- short term goal
TBL- long term goal

Poo: Garnier Fructis S&S- 1X/wk
CO/leave in: Garnier Fructis S&S- 2X/wk
Curl Reactivator: distilled wt, vg, jojo/sa oil, chamomile concoction - 1/day if needed
Vitamins: Nioxin ITRC - 2/day


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