Chicken Marsala

ItsmeBrandyItsmeBrandy Registered Users Posts: 1
One of my favorites, my mom gave me her recipe and I tried it last night. So simple and it is sooo good. If anyone is a chicken marsala fan, let me know and I'll post it.
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  • ImaraImara Registered Users Posts: 28
    Oh I am!!!! Please share!!!

    Is yours totally on top of the stove or do you put it in the oven. I am really suprised at how many variations of this little gem I have seen. icon_smile.gif
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  • DeCurloDeCurlo Registered Users Posts: 28
    I am interested. Please post recipe. Thanks.
  • mazeymazey Registered Users Posts: 709
    Yes, post please! I must have tried 10 different variations of this, and am willing to make more!
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