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So I've decided to try the CG routine, but have run across a few products with ingredients like "Dimethicone PEG -8 Benzoate" ([buylink=]CJ CCCC[/buylink]) or "Dimethicone PEG-8 Meadowfoamate" (Ouidad Curl Quencher Gel). From what I've read, 'cones with the "peg" prefix are OK, but what about when the "peg" comes after the 'cone?

Also, what about a gel that lists both PEG-12 Dimethicone and Dimethicone (Ouidad Climate Control gel)? Bad?

thanks! :)
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  • SaraiSarai Registered Users Posts: 42
    aw, come on, no chemists on board?

    well then, what about you CG girls (I know, that's redundant) who use the products I mentioned in the original post? do the 'cones wash out without shampoo?
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    CG since 12/2009; going gray since 1982.
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    I honstly have no clue. Not even a guess. I would like to know though.

    Totally unhelpful, I know, but at least it's an answer of some sort :)
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    I cross-posted this on the general discussion board and got the following answer:
    There are some who won't even use the water soluble cones. It doesn't matter where the PEG is, it's water soluble. If it just says Dimethicone with no PEG, it's not water soluble and needs shampoo to remove.

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    hi, new here and wanting to start the CG method but i also have a question about the cones..maybe i missed it in here but i just want to i have this stuff
    "Noodle head curling creme" and one of the ingredients is


    so since it says "PEG" that means its okay to use?
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    If there is a PEG in the name it is OK.
    I believe noodlehead does have some polyquats. Some people avoid those. Some polyquats are worse then others. Some are find for CG.
    For more info on polyquats, see this posts

    For a list of CG products, see the left side of this blog.

    Be sure to check the ingredients anyway. Some of the products listed contain mineral oil, polyquats, or andomethicone (sp?). Some CG people avoid these ingredients because of their potential to build up.
    The products in my siggie don't have any of those ingredients.
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