do you have to be CG?

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Hello everyone
I have heard a lot of people talking about CG and how good it leaves your hair.
I am not CG as I feel I have quite a good hair product line (mixed chicks) this works great on my hair however is not CG friendly.
Do you have to be CG to get the best result??



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    If your hair feels fabulous and your products are working for you then there is no need to change. Mixed Chicks sounds like a great line and I have heard good reviews about them. It is your choice if you want to do the CG method or not. CG isn't for everyone and everybody is different :) x
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    Of course you don't have to CG! For some people it works, for some it doesn't. I tried the CG method for about a month and a half; my hair has never looked worse. It really depends on your individual hair type, how dedicated you are, and how closely you follow it. I'm don't follow CG at all anymore, but my hair looks great. Some people follow it in some areas and not in others. You need to experiment and find out what's right for you and your hair. ^_^
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    Yup, I agree with everything said so far.

    You certainly don't have to. I am and my hair has never ever looked better but your hair could respond differently. It's your what ya want with it :P
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