Yet another beginner...on her third attempt..

CillaCCillaC Registered Users Posts: 1
I've tried in the past to get by hair back to its former glory (you know, the nice 3b curls that the guys like to pull on to see how far they recoil?), but I've given into the temptations of relaxing, flat irons, and heavy duty Brazilian straightening products time and time again. However, this is my third attempt, and I'm to get tired of the effects of my low will power.
I'm off to college in about six months and am hoping I can at least make my hair a fraction as beautiful as it once was.
So, any suggestions, stories, or just general help would be vastly appreciated ^.^

P.S. I'm sure everyone sees about ten different stories like mine on here everyday, so if you want to refer me to other posts that's perfectly fine.

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