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Okay guys, seriously, I don't understand Miss Jessie's products. It's really making me mad! Like, so, everything on the site sounds WONDERFUL (I mean, obvi, they have super marketing, so duh), but the ingredients are only okay (if you can get over mineral oil...ew...but I can't act like I've never put it in my hair), and I have read SO MANY reviews and people either really like it, or HATE it. Just inquiring b/c of their BOGO sale and I was contemplating getting a 2oz Buttercream to test out...but it doesn't even seem worth it. When I first started transitioning, one of my friends was SWEARING by the [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Miss-Jessies-Curly-Pudding-p-578.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=miss-jessies-curly-pudding]Curly Pudding[/buylink] (she told me it totally "stepped her curl game up"), but after researching I decided to go with [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Kinky-Curly-Curling-Custard-p-778.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=kinkycurly-curling-custard]KCCC[/buylink] (love!), but I don't see how people can be so averse to their products and it still be so popular, especially after they changed and cheapened the formula. I'm just baffled.
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    i think its 2 things:
    (1) some people dont read ingredients/their hair doesnt react adversely to "bad' ingredients
    (2) alot of people want to "turn their kinks into curls" (that actually was one of the taglines the company used, not sure if they still do). if thats the situations you really dont care how much it costs or what the ingredient is.
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    I'll be honest, I think it has a lot to do with their marketing, nice packaging and availability. I used to live in NYC and I'm a former Ricky's employee. I can tell you, every store, the "curly" section, we had Miss Jessie's, Devacurl and then a smattering of other things like Hair Rules and Moroccan oil. I used MJ's when i first went natural a year ago, but I found the curl cremes really drying and they made my hair super crispy. The moisturizers are protein laden, and thick with mineral oil, and that ended up drying my hair and making it feel like greasy straw. When people came in and asked me what I used after I stopped using MJ's and it was all stuff that I had to order online, sometimes that really turned people off.

    Also, I just have to say, if I wasn't an employee, there was no way I was buying MJ's. Their products are way too expensive for the cheap formulations they're using now. I only bought their products because I got 40% off, plus any promo we were running (which would mean an additional 20% off, or the bogo sale).

    Honestly, the only thing MJ's ever did for me was put the fear of everything into me and put me on a strict no cones, no mineral oil super CG routine. That stuff tore my hair up so badly, I'm scared to even use water soluble cones.
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    I can't do it. Whenever I get CLOSE to buying Miss Jessie's, something pulls me away from the shopping cart. I have been "trying" to buy something, for a few years, and I can never make it happen.

    What is it? Well, it's the price based on what's in the jar. It's just too pricey, to be a step above (maybe?) "the hood" beauty supply stuff. I can't see letting go of that much money, for that grade of product.

    Yes, most people love Miss Jessie's or they absolutely...hate the products. I'd heard about the bogo sale before Christmas, and was thinking I might buy...but I just couldn't do it. I'm thinking of picking up a sample at the hair show in April. That's about the only way I'll buy...if I'm right up on it, and I can get a small sample size.
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    I always look at it like this, I deserve & my hair deserves good ingredients that are going to feed and nourish my hair. Why put a product in your hair that isn't going to treat, nourish, care, and strengthen your hair. I am worth it and so is my hair so I won't put cheap by products in my hair at all, especially when there are products out there that have excellent ingredients and the costs are comparable if not better!

    I am so worth it and deserve to treat my hair to the best!!

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    I LOOOOOVE Quick Curls. That's the down right best curl creme :P

    The rest have been hit and misses.

    [buylink=http://www.curlmart.com/Miss-Jessies-Baby-Buttercreme-p-575.html?utm_source=naturallycurly.com&utm_medium=text-link&utm_content=curltalk-post-text&utm_campaign=miss-jessies-baby-buttercreme]Baby buttercreme[/buylink]: My curls were amazing with it but it gave my hair a greasy feel and build-up so I stopped using it. I cannot shampoo my hair more than twice a week just to get rid of build-up.

    MJ's mask: Smell was horrible and it was too softening.

    The line is too expensive for what it offers. Moreover I feel like they help internalize black hair inferiority by pushing mulatto 3c light colored curls unto people. MJ's before and after photos are often of people who have used a texturizer on their hair. I don't respect that part of MJ's hair philosophy.
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    The line is too expensive for what it offers. Moreover I feel like they help internalize black hair inferiority by pushing mulatto 3c light colored curls unto people. MJ's before and after photos are often of people who have used a texturizer on their hair. I don't respect that part of MJ's hair philosophy.

    I don't have a problem with their before & after shots b/c they identify which clients have had a texturizer/silkener. However, it does seem like MJ's is unusually fond of super light highlights.
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    When I went natural over a year ago, I used MJ's products too. I thought this was the "go to" product line for the natural community. I actually purchased it twice for my hair. I was down to my last drops. I did not want to pay for their expensive buttercream anymore. I decided to take a chance with something else. I made my own twisting creme with a few products from my many hair products. I found a great mixture that keeps my hair moist, happy, and soft. MJ's started off feeling great in my hair. Well I thought it felt great in my hair, but I am waaaay more knowledgeable at this point in regard to my hair.
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    All great points. I mean, when I went natural, if I hadn't done all the research I had done, I probably would have gotten Miss Jessie's. It's just annoying. Alright, lol, my curiosity for buying their products has faded. It's funny though, I mean MJ's is def expensive, but we all spend more than average on hair products...but they have ingredients I could go to Sally's and get for like, $3, it's just annoying to me. I also don't appreciate how they call their treatment a "silkener" when it's basically a texturizer. Those shirts on there are cute though...but they're probably that cheap crappy cotton. Okay, I'm going to stop ranting now.
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    All I have to say about this line is that it is overhyped IMO. I refuse to pay top dollar for something filled with parabens and mineral oil and other unnatural ingredients. Also, the line is overpriced. I took one look at the prices and gasped at the amount of product one would have to purchase to get the look that their advertising. Its not like a 4b/a curly like myself would benefit from their stuff anyways.
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    When my daughter & I went natural a year & a half ago, my mother purchased us gift and sample sets of Carol's Daughter and Miss Jessie's. We finished the Carol's Daughter products and most weren't too bad outside of having the greasies, but that Miss. Jessie's is evil. That stuff always felt sticky on my hair, and heavily scented to the point my allergies would act up.

    I don't care if the company offers b1g3 free, I'm not buying that crap again.
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    y'all posted this. I have been back and forth for the past year and some change, since going natural, about buying some MJ as well. Then someone told me to wait until BOGO if I was going to get anything, and the more I research, the more I decide against making any purchases.

    I have been on their website so many times: looking at products, before & afters, etc. ...and I have to admit that I have also been so very close to making a purchase with them but decided against it for many reasons.

    I mean, for the ingredients, there's no way I'm spending $40+ for a jar of Vaseline, "Blue Magic", or "Royal Crown Hair Dressing" in a souped up package with promises of "turning kinks to curls". :cwm10: Yes, they still use that "tagline".

    That little "tagline" is really the killing part for me. Some of the shingling pics are good before and afters, but once I read the "turning kinks to curls" line, that ruins it for me. :protest:

    I guess I'll just keep going to Wal-Mart and using my Suave Coconut conditioner and my $5 tub of activator gel. At least my pockets & wallet wont have to go on a diet to "achieve this look..."
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    This is all funny to me because, I of course as most do, started my natural journey with Ms. Jessie's. I wanted curl definition and I got it. That's why people go toward it. You have to realize that most people are not ingredients freaks like us...LOL. As long as it doesn't damage their hair they are for it. As i became more educated about caring for my hair and learned about the CG method, i realized that MJ's would have to go. Now i still maintain that the best flat twist i have every had were done with that Baby Butter Cream and I wouldn't hesitate to do that again with that baby butter cream but now i know that i would need intense pre-pooing, pooing and condishioning after that.
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