any 3a/3bs use the hand dry hair glove?

cakesnjammomcakesnjammom Posts: 47Registered Users
wondering if it works for our type curls??? I hate having wet drippy hair but the results are good....
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  • GiveMeABMWGiveMeABMW Posts: 219Registered Users
    If anyone has at least tried it, please post! I can't diffuse because I always end up with a frizzy mess, so anything to help dry the hair quicker would be awesome.
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    I bought them and used them twice. The first time, they weren't completely dry--I washed them the night before when they arrived and they hadn't dried. I also didn't do my usual wrap my hair in Curlease while putting on make up, etc. I didn't feel they pulled enough water out of my hair. The next time, I did use Curlease and thought they left it with more frizz. I needed my hair to look good the last two weeks, so haven't tried them again.

    My usual is wrapping in Curlease, scrunch with Curls Like Us and sit under hard hat dryer. IMHO, I'd go with a flour sack towel and the Curls Like Us, rather then the Curlease or Hand Dry Hair Glove--if a choice is necessary.
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