Any local trends you wanna share with us?



  • LeeeahLeeeah Posts: 58Registered Users
    -Uggs (Like it)
    -Neon Skinnies (Puke!)
    -Knit Boots (Loove!)
    -Dark wash skinnies (Loove!)
    -Side swept bangs (Started it at my school!)
    -Curly with bangs (Like.)
    -Plaid shirts (Noo!)
    -Converse (Yes.)
    -Stick Straight hair (Noo!)
    -Guys wearing skinnies (Eeewww.)
    -Big hair bows. (Depends..)
    -Skinnies with flats (Loove!)

    Oh, and this is up in the Midwest! (Minnesota!)
  • botticelli_girl922botticelli_girl922 Posts: 896Registered Users
    I'm from Southern Cali! The trends here:

    -Straight hair
    -A lot of eyeliner and mascara
    -Skinny jeans
    -Lace tank tops
    -The Hollister "Beach" look
    -Faded, ripped jeans
    -Really skinny bodies!
    -Uggs (since it's winter)

    That's all I can think of for now.
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  • Giggles198Giggles198 Posts: 3Registered Users
    I go to a private school and uggs are out, (so last year :) sevens, rock and republic, and true relegion are in. Frye boots are in, but on their way out. Longchamp bags and North face bags are in, and anything that has the name Abercrombie or Aero or American Eagle is cloneish and should not be worn. Some nordstrom stuff is in, but mostly stuff from small boutiques around town. Hope this helps! =)
  • MissGeminiMissGemini Posts: 8Registered Users
    Yeah, skinnies are pretty popular. At my school girls and guys wear either wear colorful(red, blue, purple) or normal colored skinny jeans. Hightops and converse are pretty big at my school too.
    Anyway, a local trend at my school is wearing a mini bow in your hair. Its kind of a preppy style but hey, if you can't beat em' join em:thumbup:
    As for the curly hair with straight bangs, that isnt very popular here.(its the look im sporting right now) Almost all the girls wear their hair straight.

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