Does Any Relax Their Hair at Home?

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Hi. My stylist just told me he is going to charge me $120 to touch up my hair (he uses Mizani). My hair is 3a-3b. I love how it gets rid of the frizz, but I can't afford $120 every three months (plus color plus cut).

Does anyone ever relax (texturize) at home? If so, what do you recommend?

Also, does anyone recommend a stylist in the Chicago area who does a Devacut (cutting it dry)?


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    i used to texlax my hair at home my hair is kinkier than urs though mine is 3c/4a but u could try any mild relaxer the ones i used in my opinon would be to strong for u since u have a looser curl pattern..but i used mizani and silk elements lye mild

    and left it in for no longer than 10 minutes (u can get mizani online(@ Bluebeez website) for about 100 bucks(they have free shipping)
    or the silk elements megasilk relaxer at sallys for 4.00...(but u have to also purchase the nutralizer,its not quite an all in one pakage like the mizani)i know drastic price ranges but they are both EXCELLENT!!!

    oh and plz dont buy the mizani if u see it in some type of low scale beauty supply because it WILL be a knock off

    i also recommend the BKT instead i hear it cuts out the frizz for a while and loosens the curl pattern temparaily but if u oppose the formaldehyde(sp?)...then.....u could always go natural :D (ive saved hundreds of dollars)
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    I no longer relax my hair, but when I did, I usually did it at home. Maiasascha gave some good advice. I really liked the Phyto Index 1 (Mild) relaxer. It's expensive but it doesn't change the texture/feel of your hair. In the past, other relaxers caused my new growth to be rough and frizzy. I've heard good things about Motions and Rusk anti-curl. Just stick with either the mild or regular formulations and don't keep it in longer than the recommended 10-20 minutes.

    Also, the moment your hair starts looking unhealthy, lay off of the chemicals. Because you also color, you need to add a lot of moisture and should deep condition at least once a week. Also, I would apply the relaxer to the hairline and the line at the nape last since those areas have the most fragile hair and can easily be overprocessed. Let us know what you decide.

    Check out the salon search tab of NC for stylists.
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