I Need Help With This Style!

Ladybaby333Ladybaby333 Posts: 8Registered Users
Hey everyone! Just wanted to know if anyone could help me with this style. It's the one where your hairs not straight but it's not curly either. You usually see it a lot during the summer because it has that beachy-wave look but I've noticed that Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato are making it a more all-year-round look. I've always wanted to do it because I think it looks so pretty and I'm tired of just being curly or straight.

Any help? I've tried the style two times before; once I tried curling my hair while it was straight but it didn't hold for more than an hour (despite the huge amounts of hairspray I put in it)--the second time I did it was when my hair was curly which added more body and the creme in my hair help hold it better.

I really just don't want my hair to be too stiff; I'm more of a natural person so I don't like my hair to be too over-processed.

Any tips, steps, and products would be REALLY helpful!

Thank you!!!

P.S. my hair is like 3A but thicker and a bit more curly. It's shoulder length with no layers.


  • toodleycurl22toodleycurl22 Posts: 53Registered Users
    ok, so you could twist your hair (after u put ur styling products in while it's still wet) into little about 1/2 inch spiraly things, and sometimes you have to keep twisting it while it dries so it stays. then, when it dries it will look very goldy loxy, sooo you can break them apart (i usually do into 3 pieces, but it depends how u like it--experiment) and that will give you waves a bit more towards the curly side, but i guess to make it less curly make ur twisties more loose. idk, u can experiment with it, and see if it works! ^.^

    but remember, these people have probably used a curling iron
    twisty curly, curly twisty
    gel-y, mouse-y, pomade-y, misty
    pretty ugly, ugly pretty
    they listen, they don't -
    oh what a pity
  • mysmileyfacemysmileyface Posts: 6Registered Users
    kk, i straighten my hair then i put it in a bun sooooo easy
    i have layers and 3a hair tho
    it may still work tho
    the hair should be straight and the heat and shape of the bun will make it curl at the ends not the top...
    i always get compliments when my hair is like this lol
    dont 4get to keep it in a bun evey night and DO NOT starighten it evry night u make wanna straighten it like when it starts geting really wavy at the top

    ps the bun should be a half pony loop the hair tie aroung 1nce and do it halfwayt teh second time.

    omg tell me if this works for u

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