how can you make your own conditioner?

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how can you make your own conditioner just like the ones in the stores, what i'm trying to say is that it has that "slip" factor, i've tryed the natural deep treatments with olive oil , eggs, aloe, honey other types of oils a lot of different combos of dt treatments but every time i rinse my hair feels like ratty or tangly and i get alot of tangles but i don't want to comb my wet hair because so much of my hair brakes off and its not easy to comb through
and my hair drys kind of stiff , i heard of using a regular store boght conditioner as a base for a deep treat but i want to make my own . so how can i make something slippery like the store bought condish whats the special ingredient that causes that?


  • taltaltaltal Registered Users Posts: 614
    A mild conditioning agent is BTMS, Behetrimonium methosulfate.
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    I could be totally wrong about this, but I think it's because most homemade conditioners are protein based. Avocados, coconut milk, eggs, mayo, yogurt, etc all of some form of protein in them, which is why your hair comes out kinda tangly when you try to make your own concoction. My guess is that the conditioners you buy have mostly oils that go well together as well as water, except they're bound together by some emulsifying ingredient.

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