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Greasy roots

Hello. I've had problems since I started CG with greasy roots. The problem isn't visible on the top layer of hair, but it's unsightly behind my ears, and I can feel it in the middle/lower layers of hair at the roots. It's a problem, because I feel limited in the styles I can wear my hair in because of this grease (for example, pre-CG I wore my hair half up half down, but I won't do that now because of the oily roots at the top of the down portion of my hair). It's not just that it feels dirty, but it is visibly greasy too. At first I thought it was just part of the adjustment period to CG, but it's been several months now (if you ignore one minor slip-up), and it's still an issue. I tried GTTT as a low-poo, and while it helped, it wasn't nearly enough. A while ago, I started using a sulfate shampoo every few days or so to remove the oil, and this worked pretty well. I would alternate co-washes and shampoo washes, and on the days I used shampoo, I would first put my co-wash conditioner on the length of my hair, and then shampoo only on the roots/trouble areas to minimize damage. Only, now the top two inches of hair is noticeably frizzier and more damaged looking than the rest of my hair, so it's clear this method is not a good one.

Is there anything else I can try? I don't want grease, but I don't want damaged hair. Either way my hair looks bad. I've been using Suave Naturals (Coconut and Ocean Breeze); is there a co-wash that has stronger surfactants that I could try? I'm pretty much limited to drugstores and Sally's. Does an "inbetween" product exist?
I have fine, 2c hair with normal porosity (I think.... :) ).

Currently, I'm using Suave Naturals Tropical Coconut (co-wash), LVPNG (regular conditioner), Giovanni Direct Leave-In, and HETT (gel). Every now and then (once a week or so, whenever my hair needs it) I use GTTT shampoo. I've had good success with plopping and pixie curling, but my hair dries best if I shower and then sleep on it. My hair does NOT like honey.

I've been CG since June 29th, 2009.

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