Need Help! How to make bottom layers more curly?!?!

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I have curly hair and I know my bottom layers are more capable of being just as curly as my top layers! I know, because my hair stylist can do it! But whenever I attempt to make my hair curly... well, it starts off as curly... but by the end of the day, my bottom layers just flatten out.

Here's a picture from tonight... a bit more than 12 hrs after I did my hair.


Any suggestions or tips for me??? I'm clueless. I use curly products which work amazing. My bottom layers do become a tad curly right after I style it, but def not as much as my top. And by the end of the day, what was slightly curly has fallen apart into wavy... ARG!


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    what kind of gel or other products do you use?
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    When I had an issue with some straight pieces sticking out below the curl, it was a problem with the cut. My stylist was cutting the bottom in a U shape, instead of straight across. I mentioned it to her and she fixed it right up!
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    hey i had the same problem its so frustrating. It seems to be an issue for 3/a's. It helped a lot for me when I got several inches of damage cut off. I still noticed my bottom layers were drooping so I switched some of my products and styling techniques. I use a good conditioner too. My styling products are [buylink=]AG recoil[/buylink] and and gel with PvP, and PVP/VA Copolymer. It seems to really moisturize and give great hold and definition to my hair. I rake it through sections of my hair thats still wet from the shower, then I scrunch more into my hair with my head flipped over. I use a microfiber towel to scrunch excess water out of my hair before I diffuse my hair scrunching until it is 70% dry. Then I stop touching my hair completely and continue to diffuse my hair until its 100% dry. Then finally I do scrunch out the crunch and it really helps activate the curls on the bottom just go easy scrunching the bottom :)
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