Mini Chop!

elixandreaelixandrea Registered Users Posts: 31 i'm feeling a little inch or so has to go today...
Last Relaxer: 7.26.09
Natural Mindset: 10.10.09

Hair Type
Med. Tex., High Porosity, High Density, High Elasticity

Coal Tar/ Nizoral (As Needed)
CoWash: VO5 Tea Therapy w/ Salt (2-3 X a week)
DC: ORS Replenishing Pak
Leave In: Diluted VO5
Seal: EVOO


  • ro_74ro_74 Registered Users Posts: 26
    I feel the exact same way...just went through my calendar to see when last I went to a salon...March 2009. I did a mini trim about 4 weeks ago and I think I need a pro job this time!

    I need a good shape that will look great with a wash and go and for those times I get possessed to flat iron.
  • SugarNutsSugarNuts Registered Users Posts: 250
    I loved mini chops during my transitioning process. I could go through the bc. My head is way to big to carry too short of a hair style.
    Hair Type: 4a/4b Combo
    Last Relaxer: May/June 2008
    Big Chop: N/A (1/31)
    Detangle/Co-Wash: VO5 Freesia or Green Tea
    Shampoo: White Vinegar

    Deep Con. Treat.: Aussie 3-min. & Olive Oil
    Final Wash: Nexxus Humectress
    Moist. Spritz: Glycerin, Water, Proclaim 7-Olive Oil, Suave Extreme Leave-In


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