sedu or solia? will it damage?

now that school has started up again, I'm looking into straightening my hair again. For some reason my curls look great on the weekends and during the summer breaks, but as soon as I step back in school, it goes to crap. And i don't do anything different!

I've been looking into getting a Sedu or a Solia for the past year or so?
I just don't know which one or which size to get...1 inch? 1.5 inches? My hair is right below my shoulders and is all one length.

Also, I know there is a certain amount of damage in straightening. But its not going to ruin my curl is it? Like make my hair always frizzy? Flatten out my curls even when I want to wear it curly? Make it dry and unmanagable? I'd say my hair is pretty healthy right now. But my mother keeps telling me that I'm going to ruin it if I start to straighten... could be because she wants me to keep the curls around and not worry about it.

Now that I've rambled..can some of you please help me out? Sedu vs. Solia? What size? And are my curls really going to leave me for doing this?


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    I hear SEDU is the best so I would go for it. An iron like that would do very minimal damage
    3b-3c CG
  • soon2bsoon2b Posts: 220Registered Users
    When you straighten your hair you should always use a heat protectant, but if the iron is too hot no amount of heat protectant can help you. Heat too high can damage your curls....and may cause them not to revert back when you want a curly look.

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    The Sedu is good but doesn't work for my hair which is VERY fine and thin. I think my hair is too thin for their plates.

    The one I have was only used a few times and I'm looking to sell if you're interested. It also has the box, etc....

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