Hair for work - curly = messy?

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I'm in the process of doing the CG thing for the first time in my life. I have fought these curls and now I'm trying to embrace them. I'm also trying to let my hair grow out a bit. I've always worn it short, and blown out.

So, now I'm trying to wear my hair curly, and I gotta say, I think that sometimes I look like I just rolled out of bed, and I can see people looking at my hair, and I'm wondering if they're saying the same thing! I am a research programmer, and while we don't have to wear suits to work (thank Heavens!), I do have to at least look neat... anyone have these issues, or is it just me trying to get used to CG?



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    My hair has looked 'messy' for most of my life. I've worked in an office for over 25 years, with the same boss for almost 20. On the rare times that I wear my hair up, he always wonders if I don't feel well. He's used to seeing it down and natural. Luckily we're very casual.
    I would have a hard time working in an environment where people thought that curly hair wasn't 'professional'. I would take out my body jewelry and cover my tattoos, but I don't think I would change anything that I was born with. The exceptions would be in a place where hair could get caught in equipment or in the restaurant business (I wore my hair back when I used to work in restaurants). But that's just me. I'm stubborn.
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    I'm a manager for a large corporation and I wear my hair down and curly every day. I dress professionally. I have never gotten any static about my hair.
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    I think wearing your hair curly does take some getting used to. If you're used to brushing or blow drying your hair smooth, you do feel a little messy at first. Even now, I sometimes look at myself in the mirror and think that I look kind of wild. You could always wear your hair up, back, or half up for work to "contain" it. :)

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