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Hello! I've been reading for a while and felt that this was a good place to ask this. You all seem knowledgeable with your experiences.

I just had the BKT done and love it. For the first time my hair aired dried relatively straight with no frizz :)

My question is about shampoos. I just happened to buy the Coppola Keratin poo and conditioner bc they were right there at the salon as I was leaving and needed some sulfate free stuff. My question is, does anyone use the Organix products found almost everywhere (for a lot less money)? I know its sulfate free and smells really good, I just didn't know if it would wash out the keratin in my hair quicker than if I used the Coppola brand. The hairdresser urged me to get the Coppola vs the pureology bc 1. it was cheaper 2. I don't color my hair and 3. she said it is the most effective for keeping the keratin treatment longer. Is the last part true in any of your experiences? If I could go with cheaper shampoo and conditioner with a great scent I'm all over it.

Thanks for your help and for reading my ramblings!!


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    I can't offer any advice, but I would suggest asking the CurlyChemist or CurlySuzy about this. I would also see if you could get resources if you posted this on the general hair board.
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    You should read the ingredients on the bottle of Coppola shampoo you bought. It's full of sulfates. What it doesn't have is sodium. What you should avoid is sodium. You can buy Suave shampoos that don't have sodium. Just read the bottle.

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