How To Clump Hair And Get Ringlets??

MJ4everMJ4ever Posts: 31Registered Users
Hey everyone
My curl type is 3b.I was wondering what to do and techniques to use to get wonderfull clumping results and ringlets.
I have some ringlets at the bottom of my hair but that all.I want all my hair to be wonderfully defined and clump together because what ever I do some hair just doent clump:cwm21:.
(am using [buylink=]mixed chicks leave in conditioner[/buylink])
Can any help me.
comment as soon as possile


  • SandiSandi Posts: 364Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    What I do with my hair when I'm lazy and do wash-n-go's (which is like 99% of the time), I co-wash and then rake through my rinse out. Then I scrunch until the clumps start forming (you might need a little bit more water and conditioner.. depends).. and then I rinse out most of the conditioner with cool water, scrunching really gently.. (I leave some of my rinse out in a as a leave-in).

    My hair has actually pretty good definition on most of the ringlets.. the curls on the top? Still trying to figure out a clumping magic trick for that..
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  • Luka LomiLuka Lomi Posts: 13Registered Users
    the denman brush works wonders after a good moisturizing deep conditioning treatment
  • MJ4everMJ4ever Posts: 31Registered Users
    thanks for your replies
    yeh I often use deep consitioner and scrunch whilst in and washing out and I do infact use the denman(its great) some of my hair is define but still most of the hair on my top and back isnt its just a really weird wavey/straight texture:?
    i will keep trying these but is their anyover techniques thankyou.
  • zcurlygirlzcurlygirl Posts: 217Registered Users
    There are a few techniques that people have used to get clumping and ringlets. The ones that I know of are:

    Icequeen Method:

    Super-Soaker Method:

    I find that if you shower at night and then put your hair in a pineapple (high ponytail on top of head), that helps too.

    Good luck! :)
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  • MJ4everMJ4ever Posts: 31Registered Users
    thankyou for those suggestions zcurlgirl
    I actually tryed both those methods now(just came out from the shower:toothy5:) they worked great especially the super soaker I did this then plopped for about 15mins and I have great definition and clumps
    thankyou so much:notworthy:

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