Curl junkie, flexi-8 for sale or swap

sweetsevensweetseven Registered Users Posts: 409
I'm selling some products that don't work for me. If you're interested, please pm me. Shipping not included. I accept paypal.

The first two persons who makes a purchase can chose a freebie:
curl keeper (25% left)
mop c curl defining cream (60% left) gone

Curl Junkie Aloe Fix 85% left 15€
Curl Junkie Curl Fuel 60% left 6€
Ohm Sweet Hair Pudding 70% left 7€ sold
new x-small silver flexi-8 (starfish with sapphire beadwork) 6€

I'm also willing to swap for AOMM, KBB Hair Milk, HEBE, Komaza Coconut Pudding or... make a suggestion.
medium/coarse and porous

wash: KC Come Clean, Flower Peddler Northern Lights soap bar
conditioner: YTT, YTC, KCKT, Shescentit GT&H, Shescentit Avocado, DB Pumpkin Seed, Garnier Ultra Doux, Mop Top daily conditioner
styler: KCCC, HEBE, homemade fsg, DM MCCG, AOMM
dt: banana and avocado mask, nexxus emergencee, Shescentit TT&GH, ayurvedic powders, SS RPT
butters: Jane Carter N&S, Afroveda Curly Custard, Afroveda Cocolatte, Shescentit Gillian, Shescentit Seyani


  • zenallazenalla Registered Users Posts: 159
    Hi Sweet,

    I'd like to buy the Ohm Sweet Heir Pudding if it's still available.
    I'm also intersted by the Mop C defining cream.
    I've PM'ed you :book:
    3B-A, colored, med texture-density, High porosity

    DT: AOHRS - CJHBDF - Mixed Chicks
    Loo-Poo 2/week: Eluence volume,YTT-YTC poo, Co-wash 2/week: Suave Tropical - V05 Strawberries (water wash the rest)
    Conditioner: Mop Top, Toe Shea, AOHRS, AOGBP
    Leave-in:KCKT , Darcy Peach Kernel, Aloeba,YTT/YTC co,Christine Grant LI
    Stylers: KCCC, CJ CCC, DMMC, Mixed Chiks, BB Jellie Creme, HESMU, Mop Top gel, HPO curling pudding

    Fotki: (updated in June 2010)
    PW: mixedcurly

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