MAJOR Tangles?

lldm2lldm2 Registered Users Posts: 173
My hair is extremely matted up and tangled.
My hair is starting to dread, I'm not even exaggerating.
&& yes, I do comb it.
When I left the house this morning, I'd taken 2 hrs detangling it.
I get home, new tangles.
I still have my relaxed ends, does that have something to do with it?
I'm getting them cut off this week or the next.

=Why is this happening, and what can I do to have less tangles and less lost hair from taking apart knots?=

BTW;; I only wear my hair half up-half down. No twists, braids, none of that. I'm thinking of having my mother put some braids in my hair soon though. I'm not sure.



  • GermanCurlyGermanCurly Registered Users Posts: 123
    Is your hair matted/tangled where the two textures meet?
    I've had this problem. I could comb my relaxed ends, I could comb the NG...but the point where the two textures met was a big mat:angry3:...

    The only thing that helped a little bit was to keep my hair in a stretched style - to prevent the NG from shrinking and causing more tangles at the line of decarnation. Buns done on wet hair e.g.

    Once the relaxed ends are gone it will be much easier to detangle your hair. Please keep in mind that detangling may cause damage to the hair! You are 14 months post...maybe it's time to do the BC!

    All the best!
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  • knotty_loveknotty_love Registered Users Posts: 170
    The same thing was happening to me, my hair is pretty healthy and it was knotting up to the point of mini dreads and i had to keep cutting them off! It was a nightmare. I finally just cut an inch and a half off and started doing hot oil treatments once a week and leaving coconut oil on my ends everyday, that seemed to work and prevent from any knotting because i was lacking moisture on my ends. Ever since I haven't had a problem!your ends probably need a trim and some good moisture. Good luck!
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  • EkaetteEkaette Registered Users Posts: 356
    Is your hair matted/tangled where the two textures meet?
    I've had this problem. I could comb my relaxed ends, I could comb the NG...but the point where the two textures met was a big mat:angry3:...

    When I get tangles this describes them perfectly
    I found a really good youtube showing a good detangling technique. She is 11 months post

    Part 1

    Part 2

    4b natural
  • slb2221slb2221 Registered Users Posts: 126
    What you need is a Denman brush. Go to Sally's and pick one up. When you are conditioning your hair, lather it with conditioner, separate it into sections with clips after you lather and run each section under running water and use your Denman ONLY on WET HAIR!..You will be tangle free w/ minimum shed hairs. This is the only way I can detangle with minimum shed hairs & it's less time consuming.


  • lldm2lldm2 Registered Users Posts: 173
    I have a Denman, but stopped using it once my 4A hair came out. Thanks though(:

  • SugarNutsSugarNuts Registered Users Posts: 250
    You want to considering a mini chop and not a big-chop. I also was experiencing tangles and knots between my natural new growth and relaxed. I was able to some what alleviate this issue with a mini-chop.
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  • lldm2lldm2 Registered Users Posts: 173
    Actually, I got the big chop on the 25th :P.
    So far, no tangles...So far..


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