hair for interview?

xfancyxfancy Posts: 91Registered Users
i have an interview for a spot in program at my college on wednesday, and i cant decide if i want to flat iron my hair or leave it curly... there are pics of both in my fotki! the last pics are the best curly pics, the most recent and how id be wearing my hair

3c... and clueless pj


  • Botticelli VenusBotticelli Venus Posts: 109Registered Users
    I think the curls look fine! I mean, if looking professional is your concern -- your hair is nice and neat and the curls are well-formed and cute!

    When it's ironed it looks like it falls in your eyes more.

    JMHO :)
    Julie Benz: "I really loved on Angel when we would do the flashbacks and I'd have the big, wild, messy long hair that was thick and full and that's how God meant for me to look."

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