Tea tree oil ok in FSG?

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Is tea tree oil ok to add to FSG? It seems like it might be a little bit harsh, but I like the smell and wonder if it might give a "fresh" feeling to my scalp and hair.

Thoughts? Thanks!
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  • crwrittcrwritt Registered Users Posts: 705 Curl Neophyte
    I'd say go ahead and add a drop. I add a drop of lavender oil and a tsp of ACV, and a drop op grapefruit seed extract.
    Its just one batch. see if you like it.
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    You can add a few drops to your FSG for the scent if you like it, but I'm not sure how much it will help your scalp as FSG is mainly applied to the hair not the scalp. Tea tree oil in conditioners and shampoo do come into contact with the scalp which is why it is beneficial in these products. As far as how much to use, if you've used it before then go with what works for you, but if not be careful as tea tree oil can be irritating. I read that you use a maximum 12 drops per 8 oz of product.
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