14 year old son wont stop scratching scalp

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Have tried sls free shampoos but son continues to have dandruff and itch all day. :tongue6: Very dry scalp, any help please.:blob8:
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Still trying to figure out what hair i have lol!!.

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    You might need to take him to a dermatologist. While you wait for an appointment, you could try having him co-wash exclusively or use plain water to wash his scalp and just put conditioner on the ends. With that method, his scalp may itch a little more for a few days or a week, but if he can stick it out it may eliminate the itching and dryness.

    I'm speaking form my own experience. My scalp cannot tolerate shampoo at all, even non-SLS shampoo. The itching and dryness that I had for years is gone now just by switching to a co-wash. Every now and then, if my scalp feels like it needs something more, I mix brown sugar and conditioner and use it as a scalp scrub.
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    I did try SLS free shampoos and worked ok for my dandruff itch but still had snow flakes. I tried commercial dandruff shampoos and they were horrible (even one recommended by my doc). In the end I got some mane 'n tail and, would you believe it worked? No itches and no flakes. Hubby thinks I am crazy for using horse stuff but, hey...
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    I have itchy scalp too I use apple cider vinegar as a rinse I let it sit for 3 mins. Rinse hair and scalp than let water run through hair. Condition rinse out conditioner and proceed to style. HTH