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I am into my 7th month of transitioning and I have 4c hair which is very dry with that crunchy sound and feels like straw. Can anyone with they texture recommend a really good daily moisturzier ?


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    Congrats on your transition so far.
    I would guess my hair is 4a/3c (in that order).

    Just a thought...you might want to make sure it's not the products you're using. My hair gets really brittle with any products that contain wheat protein. It feels hard like it is going to snap off. (For some reason the products with soy protein don't seem to do this. Maybe it's a quantity thing.)

    I religuously used Giovanni Direct Leave-In while I was transitioning. My relaxed hair liked it a lot and it also worked for my natural hair. You can get it at Target, but you have to look in the make-up/fancy hair and body stuff section (not the regular hair stuff section). Walmart has it too.
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    I use aubrey organics white camelia as a leave in conditioner. Are you using shampoos with sulfates? They may be causing dryness. You should try deep conditioning to see if that helps a bit. My hair used to be really dry also, but AO and castor oil has really helped. In the winter I like to use Qhemet's Amla/Olive heavy cream.

    You should also consider your health and eating habits. Are you drinking enough water? I hope you figure out the cause of the dryness!
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