Finally going to introduce myself

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Hello All,
Just want to finally say Hi. I've been around for awhile just never posted I figured it was time. I also wanted to thank you guys for some great hair tips keep it coming.


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    Welcome! And I'm glad that your here with us! Whatever hair questions or concerns that you have feel free to post them anytime, because we are all here to support one another, okay!
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    hey there! Welcome and have fun! I've picked up some cool tips on here.
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    Hi Peaches....welcome :D :D I am officially addicted to this site. I have gotten so many great tips from this hair has never looked or felt better than it does now
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    :lol: Welcome Peaches, I am sort of a newbie myself -- this is a great resource.

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    Be encouraged -- Cuzz Fuzz is what it Duzz!!

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    Cowash - No Poo
    Conditioner - One Condition
    Gel - Light Defining Gel

    Looking to try Devacurl Decadence line next! Can't wait to try it.