is DOC comparable to AOMM??

that's it?:)


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    Did you mean Duchess of Curls?? If so, similar--but different. I did end up buying the D of C.
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    I agree with kam....similar but not the same. For me the DOC really enhances curls..the AOMM seems more of a moisturizer--but it gives me very nice clumps. I reguarly mix it with BRHG (side benefit that BRHG lasts longer!) and get much better clumpage than BRHG alone (which can produce stringlet's for me!)

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE them both!!
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    Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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    LOL , yes I meant DOC:) I thought I posted this in the 2 section and wondered where the heck it went:twisted:
    anyways, so they are similar but DOC ha more enhancement??? grrr, i was hoping you would say , YES, they're similar, as i have AOMM and only the small sample of DOC.