Has anyone gone *back* to using silicones in hair products and stayed there?

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I'm going through a downer phase with my hair. After years of using cone-free products, I am seriously thinking that maybe going back to products with cones is a better option for me.

When I was anti-cone, my hair was colored with permenent color and/or in various stages of growing out the color. Now the dyed hair is nearly all grown out (maybe I have 4" left on the bottom) and my hair looks more dull and dry. I'm wondering if using conditioner or leave-in with cones could help my hair look and feel better. Yeah, I know, it sounds like my hair has low self-esteem. ;-) Oh, and I want to continue to CO wash only. Maybe if I add cones back I will need to use shampoo more frequently...

Anyone with salt & pepper/gray hair gone back to products with cones? How's it going for you?
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    I don't have advice on going back to silicones (sorry!), but wanted to recommend Biotera leave-in conditioner (it's a Biolage knockoff). It is clear, so it does not make my hair look dull. It has a strong scent when first applied, but after that I don't really notice it.

    I buy it at Sally Beauty. If you don't like it, Sally will accept returns for 60 days, I think.
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    My mom has just recently gone CG after years of coloring her grey. She only colors the roots now. CO washes every day to every other day and that's it. Maybe less is more because her hair looks the best it has in ages, shiny, healthy and much less frizz now that we've cut the off the last of the fried colored parts.
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    I'll start by saying I'm Modified CG - and have been for awhile. My hair is fine 2-3a and I usually low poo 2 - 3 times a week. And, perhaps because I don't color my hair at all, my hair is strong and healthy - despite low-pooing with more mild sulfates. And because of the mild sulfates, I can use some of the more easily washed out silicones.

    Lately I've been using Paula Begoun's hair products - her poo and her CO. Here's a link to her CO - it does have cones in it: http://www.paulaschoice.com/product/smooth-finish-conditioner/body-hair-care

    What I like about her products is that they are gentle. I have a sensitive scalp and have had no itch at all - which, for me, is truly remarkable.

    I haven't paid attention to whether or not my hair is shinier. It's not as gray as yours is - only about 30 %, so that may make a difference.

    I wonder if you used one of those "blue" poos or co's on occasion to reduce the yellowing that can dull gray hair, and then follow up with a gentle CO that has some more easily removed cones if that would help?

    I wish you luck. Please keep us posted. I'll be curious to hear what you find that works for you....
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    I've gone back and forth with cones since going CG eight months ago. I want to like them. I want to use them. They make my hair so much "slicker". It doesn't tangle on itself. But ultimately they just are no good for my hair. They pull out my curls and actually make it frizz more. If you're just wanting your hair to be brighter and shinier what about using a gloss? You can get glosses done at the salon or buy them from Sally's yourself. If you continue to co wash they will last longer than if you shampoo and will give some shine to your hair. There's also ways to "brighten" your grey if it's the color that's got you down. There's the shampoos but there are also ways to brighten it by using rinses and such. Just thought I'd throw those options out there for you.

    Also if you haven't been there already the goinggraylookinggreat.com website has some good ideas on how to liven up your hair too.
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