hair doesnt curl, it fros??

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i keep reading how ladies twist their hair or braid it and they just unravel or unbraid from overnight, play with it for a certain style and leave.

ive been trimming away all of my relaxed hair and have about 2-3 inches of relaxed hair and about a inch to 1.5 inches of natural hair. when i unbraid or unravel from twists it just looks like clumped together tangled nappy hair.

i tried to, with a big comb, while wet, comb out the hair so its all even and not clumped together and same thing with fingers and end up with same result... fro. and im not trying hard, im barely touching it.

so i thought maybe i need gel. grabbed the gel and now it looks like a wet fro. i feel the curls at the root and its more prominent at the crown and in the kitchen but you dont see it unless its partied out from the rest of the hair.

is there something else im supposed to be doing?
am i not "tying" up my hair right??? or is this all my hair can do?

Also, if it helps, i have pen spring hair.


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    Are you putting anything on the relaxer ends? I'm almost a year into my transition and find that twist outs are my primary staple. I've adopted some of Curly Nikki's tips from her tnc.

    I usually do my twists wet and use small clips at my roots to help twists stay in place and to flatten the roots. I use a setting foam and gel on the relaxer ends with wrapping papers before I rod my hair. Because my hair was cut in a bob (and I say was because it has grown out) I typically have about 12-15 twists with rods. Depending on the time of day I will either let it air dry or sit under a dryer for a little while.

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  • Jadedea JadeJadedea Jade Registered Users Posts: 67
    i just do the co wash and on occasion the shampoo wash and leave some of the cond in. i also use giovanni dlc all over as well. when i twist my hair i use whipped shea butter. the ends dont stay twisted but the natural part does.

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