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My daughter has gorgeous hair but it is so hard to deal with- not because I can't style it but because she is "tender-headed" just like I was and she is so whiney when I try to get her hair done. She won't sit still and I end up not finishing half the time and putting the back into puffs which is a horrible idea because it only takes 1 hour for her hair to knot up when it's left out. Any tips?



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    OMG she's so cute!!!!. Read the post your updated routines thread. You may get some good tips. Also, try bribery.!
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    I have the same issues with my 3yr old daughter's hair and she is SOOO tender headed that it is so hard to manage. I don't understand what vivasmom recommendation was, could you please explain what has helped you. Also, what products do you use on your daughter's hair. I am trying to find her HG that will keep it moist and manageable.

    p.s. I love the braided styles on your daughter's hair!!

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    I don't see that thread, vivasmom.

    I keep detangler on hand and I have definitely learned that doing it right after I wash it is BEST.

    I towel dry it and moisturize it with Palmer's olive oil formula. Her hair dries quickly so I braid it right away to kind of lock it in. Also, when I braid it, I brush it out in sections and braid each section in a big plait so that it doesn't get a chance to frizz up and get tangled again.
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    Thanks for the tips, abeautifulbrown.
    very helpful!!
    Modified CG
    Roots 3C/ Ends 3B
    Transitioning (over processed hair) since 6/06

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