Weird question :) Can be deleted after answering.

jenbuggy85jenbuggy85 Posts: 232Registered Users
I would like to trade or buy Ouidad hair stuff, but I don't have any hair products to trade. Can I trade other stuff for what I need? Like...I don't know.. heels/clothing? :confused: LOL!

Thanks! Jen

Biotera Styling gel (firm hold)
Biotera Curl creme
Sauve Naturals coconut conditioner as Co-wash and leave in.

After all this I get about 3 or 4 days of good "wearable" hair.



  • mamacita1603mamacita1603 Posts: 316Registered Users
    I don't see why not, i guess it depends on the person. I love body lotions/sprays/bubble bath too. I have the quidad curl quencher gel! 8 oz bottle~almost full
    Type: 3b-healthy hair*medium texture* normal porosity?
    Shampoo: SC Optimum, Luster's Pink,Curliscious Cleansing Cream
    Conditioner: Coconut Sublime, Giovanni 50:50, CJ CASD
    Leave-In: CJ Beauticurls
    DT: Silicon Mix
    Styling: Eco Styler, KCCC/KCKT, BRHG, AOMM

    Holy Grail: Flour Sacking*modified method* AOMM, ECO Styler-Krystal
    Expiermenting with: Whatever i can get my hands on:twisted:
    Hair Hates: Vegetable glycerin/waxes:sad11:
    *Always going to be a Pj until i find all my HG's:love5: